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Book Review

Dinner With Anna Karenina

by Gloria Goldreich

MIRA Books

Reviewed by Anna Navin, February 28, 2006

Six women become best friends through book club meetings.  Dinner With Anna Karenina relates happenings, some humorous, some unhappy, some rather routine, during one year of these get-togethers.  Although close friends, no one feels comfortable asking Cynthia, well-to-do, mother of perfect twin girls, and in a supposedly happy marriage, why she announces she has thrown her husband out of the house; or suggesting that Donna decide which of her two lovers is the "right" man; or accuses Rina of suspected shoplifting behavior; or pointing out to Jen that her live-in is living off of her income,or critizing Elizabeth for her open hostility toward her sister, etc.  After all, friends are not meant to criticize or openly question, but be available to listen and only offer suggestions when asked.

Throughout the year, many problems are solved, there are some surprises, and life goes on.  Gloria Goldreich writes a very believable story, making the reader think this could have happened among her acquaintances. a I say "her" because this is really a woman's story.

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