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Book Review

The Frank Family That Survived

by Gordon F. Sander

Hutchinson, the Random House Group Lmt., UK 2004

Reviewed by Anna Navin, June 18, 2007

Everyone knows the story of Anne Frank, the young Jewish girl who, with her family and others, went 'under' when Germany invaded Holland during World War II. But there was another Frank family in the same area, no relation and unknown to each other, who also were in hiding for 3 years but who survived. This is the story told by the grandson of Myrtil Frank, who with his wife Flory and their daughters Dorret and Sybil, hid in a small apartment in The Hague for 3 years, always fearful that a knock on the door would mean a trip to a concentration camp, forced labor camp and/or death. Only Myrtil ever ventured out, then only to secure food for his family.

While we in the U.S. were complaining about our ration cards, the Frank family were on the verge of starving to death. Their rations at one time was 1 slice of bread a week per person. They could not open the curtains for fear a neighbor or passer by would notice them and report them to the Nazi's for the reward offered for turning in any Jewish people.

This gives great detail of the struggle of an extremely courageous family, suffering the loss of friends, family and loved ones, while fighting to stay alive during a horrendous time in history.

Being old enough to remember ration cards, news reels at the movies about the war, and knowing some American boys who were in that war, it made me really appreciate all we had, even during that time.

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