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Book Review

Rough Weather

by Robert B. Parker

Putman October 2008

Reviewed by Roxana Currie, January 3, 2009

Holidays remind you that you just don’t have quite the family you wishyou did? A quick read of Robert B.Parkers 2008 Spenser release may just make you thankful for what you’ve got. Or Parker’s staccato pacing and lean narrative will make an afternoon disappear if that’s more what you need. Either way, if you need an escape from all the holiday niceness, this is a great weekend read.

Heidi Bradshaw has married for money three times. Of course she’ll sleep with anyone, moneyed or not. Everyone knows these things about her. What no one can figure out is why she hired Spenser to attend her daughter’s wedding as an “insecurity guard”. What was one man supposed to do when Spenser’s nemesis, the Gray Man, crashed the wedding, right after the couple kissed, with six machine gun accessorized soldiers and a helicopter?

Clearly the Mother of the Bride knows more than the police, who can’t even figure out whether they’re supposed to be investigating a kidnapping or a murder. No one but Spenser would be able to methodically piece together all the connections then unravel the mystery, and maybe even finally put the arrest of the Gray Man within his grasp.

But trust me on this…. You can be glad your mother wasn’t Heidi Bradshaw.

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