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Book Review

The Runaway

by Terry Kay

William Morrow & Company, Inc. 1997

Do you Voo-Doo? Conjure Woman in "The Runaway" either does or has the people in a small sourthern town about 1947 believing she does. She predicts the birth of 2 babies, one black, one white, who will have a connection and make changes in our world. In the next 12 years, many things happen which demonstrate the racial situation in the South at that time. Black people are murdered, description of the killer ranging from a small man to a giant of a man, both black. When a white man is shot to death, Sheriff Frank Rucker has the unenviable task of solving this latest murder while still investigating the deaths committed earlier, and attempting to keep townspeople from forming a lynch mob. Throw in a bit of (almost) romance from an attractive widow, and this story keeps your interest right to the last page.

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