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Book Review


by Robert Specht

Bantam Books 1976

I read this book in February 2008 while we were all complaining about the ice, snow and cold of the winter, and realized how easy we really have it. Tisha (teacher) was 19 years old in 1927 when she accepted a teaching job in Chicken, Alaska. Travel was by horse-drawn wagons with runners instead of wheels. She found a small settlement of miners, indians and mixed races, and children badly in need of a school. She also found her attitude toward the indians or those of mixed blood was greatly different from the local population. She had one year to accept and/or change the feelings of those who considered these people to be beneath them, while teaching basic skills to the children and finding love in an unlikely place. While sometimes wondering if the effort was worth it, she faced life-threatening situations to save others who would either perish in the forbidding weather or face a life of poverty and unhappiness. Truly a captivating book! And remember, it was a true biography of Anne Hobbs.

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